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First post, I suppose.
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scifitwin wrote in 35minutes_ago
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Discussion topic: How well do you think the giant squid plan will work?

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I know for sure that in that Watchmen Sourcebook RPG thing he says he doesn't believe that humanity could exist in a world without adversity without stagnating.

As terrible as it is, I actually agree with that. If nothing else, look at all the technological and social progression that has come in the wake of wars.

Future fic that deals with the consequences is rough ground, and yet I still want fic with him worried about everything collapsing around his ears (as Veidt character porn more than a "haha, take that Adrian, your plan sucks" thing, which I think is the kind of fic you're talking about).

THIS. Oh, this exactly. I've just never seen anything of this type written by anyone who actually liked Adrian. The fics are pretty much all excuses for the ~next generation~ of vigilantes - or a resurrected Rorscach - to be badass. And tend to ignore the interesting moral ambiguities. I like moral ambiguities, dammit!

Oh, those fics. Part of my fascination with Veidt is that he's arguably the most disturbing example of one of the scary bits of superheroes that Watchmen made clear to me. They're all vigilantes who want to enforce their views on the world, and in practice it's an ugly thing that plenty of people hated enough to riot over it. Veidt was the liberal one who thought he was a hero, but in the end he still comes from the same "someone should fix things and that someone is me" place that Rorschach comes from. The whole "yay, some new heroes/Rorschach is back to fix everything by breaking some fingers" thing misses what I thought was interesting about Watchmen entirely. Not that it's a new missing the point at all, 90s comic books were very good at it too.

But that aspect of superherodom brings up another problem: If it is within your power to alter things for the better, is it acceptable to stand aside and not do anything? Veidt isn't the best example of this, given the debatable good of his actions, but it is a current moral debate that is relevant to those in power (Social Work for one).

I know I've said this elsewhere, but one of the major problems with 90s comics is they took too much of the "Heroes can be morally ambigious and do horrible (but badass) things" from Watchmen, and not enough of the "Villains can be well-motivated, at least partially admirable and also competent" parts.

Yeah. I think the one who does the best with that in Watchmen is Malcolm Long when he tries to break up the fight at the end because he just can't stand by and watch it, and he's not a hero in any conventional sense.

Comics could only benefit from more Veidts. Hell, more characters totally unlike Veidt aside from the sympathetic villain with real motivations that aren't to do with dead loved ones or insanity aspect would be fine.

PS, do you mind if I friend you? I had a lot of fun talking, and I just noticed you're also Australian.

Feel free to friend away. But expect to hear lots of babble about my random RL goings on. And assorted anime fandoms du jour.

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