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First post, I suppose.
Hyperbolic space
scifitwin wrote in 35minutes_ago
Please note that the rules have been edited.

Members please feel free to post.

Discussion topic: How well do you think the giant squid plan will work?

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I can't say I'm particularly well educated when it comes to philosophy - one of my friends is majoring in it, and a few of my classes touch on it, but for the most part I'm only really familiar with the vague outlines. But I'd have to say: You can't be real happy if you are dead. But that's a personal perspective. So it'd depend on how much people prioritise quality of life. This is starting to sound way too much like Euthanasia debates from school.

That said, I'd be interested to hear what the book has to say.

Obviously, Unimelb produces students with phenomenally good taste in comics and fandom. I wonder what this miracle will bring?

I am not exactly that well-versed in phil either. It's a fringe interest of mine - although I'm getting more and more into it, hence the curiosity and picking up of that book in particular. And I think the author brought up the point you mentioned too - re deadhappy. Deadhappy. LOL.

Not a problemo. I'm definitely sharing with this group, as it concerns itself with comicverse!Adrian and I would want to see what others think of the author's view.

I'd like to think that apart from just good taste in comics and fandom, the ability to constructively discuss comicfandom is definitely a pluspoint. I am not geeking out here. Seriously. But oh damn do I love srs bznz in fandoms.

Well, there are the fandoms I like for the srs bznz. And then there are fandoms I like for the sheer fun factor like the glorious crack that is Batman: Brave and the Bold. And occasionally you get the rare fandom that has both...

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