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john watson - weep little lion man
aitakute wrote in 35minutes_ago
This is not to instigate any sort of war and I believe we're all sensible enough to not engage in one anyway. ;) But mod, feel free to delete this if inappropriate. ^^;;

I am wondering, what are your thoughts about the differences between comicverse!Adrian and movieverse!Adrian? Any form of opinions welcomed, on any aspect of the man himself - be it the personality or the demeanour and actions. (Okay not so much the absolute senseless, to keep to the comm guidelines - no omgliekhe'ssohot comments. LOL.)

This came across my mind as, to be truthful, I am introduced to Watchmen via the movie. While watching the movie, I am indifferent to all characters, but upon reading the comic, my heart goes out to Adrian (comicverse). I will say that I do not not like the movieverse!Adrian - it is just that he comes across as a slightly different person - hence, the prompt. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this matter. :)

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I read the graphic novel about 7 months ago and Adrian Veidt was instantly my favorite character. I love the sadness and vulnerability in his eyes at certain points, I love his confidence in his plan and I think he's a nice selfless guy, despite how "horrific" his plan seems. I just adored him. He's so fascinating because we know the least about him.

... Which, I hate to say, is why I like movieverse Adrian better. Goode fleshed the character out a bit and made him come to life; because let's face it; if an actor tried to portray comic book Adrian, their performance would be very bland and boring and come off as one-dimensional. (That's how Adrian would SEEM, I know he's not one-dimensional but that's how actor would portray it if they tried to copy the book exactly). But Goode added so much subtlety and nuances and really came up with a intriguing interpretation. It's not the perfect Adrian because the perfect Adrian would be kind of boring if he leaped off of the page. Goode had to make him real. However, I do miss the 'I did it!' and end conversation with Jon though.

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