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john watson - weep little lion man
aitakute wrote in 35minutes_ago
This is not to instigate any sort of war and I believe we're all sensible enough to not engage in one anyway. ;) But mod, feel free to delete this if inappropriate. ^^;;

I am wondering, what are your thoughts about the differences between comicverse!Adrian and movieverse!Adrian? Any form of opinions welcomed, on any aspect of the man himself - be it the personality or the demeanour and actions. (Okay not so much the absolute senseless, to keep to the comm guidelines - no omgliekhe'ssohot comments. LOL.)

This came across my mind as, to be truthful, I am introduced to Watchmen via the movie. While watching the movie, I am indifferent to all characters, but upon reading the comic, my heart goes out to Adrian (comicverse). I will say that I do not not like the movieverse!Adrian - it is just that he comes across as a slightly different person - hence, the prompt. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this matter. :)

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I've said before that I liked Adrian in the comic, but the film made me love his character. I think it all comes down to performance. It's the same with Dr. Manhattan, who's probably my favourite comic character, though I always found him to be monotonous and robotic until I saw Crudup as Jon. He's still those things to an extent, but the bored and childlike qualities that came out in the film character's voice gave him much more depth than what I got from him in the novel.

It's the same with Adrian, in the novel I love how quietly conscious he is of everything, like when he's explaining his plan to Dan and Rorschach, or talking about his history with his Vietnamese guys (servants?); speaking elegantly and going into great detail, yet has his complete attention on everything else that's going on in the room. It's just that his dialogue didn't jump off the page to me like, for example, Rorschach's or the Comedian's did, so that's where his film portrayal helped me get more out of his character.

I love the ambiguous accent that Matthew Goode gave him, as well. Not just the American he had when in the public eye, but the sort of German/British accent he spoke with to Dan and company. It gave his lines a lot more conviction, and both worked to make him sound friendlier during his private scene with Dan during the beginning and, at the same time, more of a 'villain' during the closing stages of the movie. His American 'persona' was also a lot colder, so that's probably why his real accent was more convincing. I know that a lot of people were thrown off by the accent and were sort of confused as to whether he was actually changing his accent or they were just hearing it differently, but when I first saw it I thought it was so obvious a change that it could only be there to show he's playing a certain part in front of the public eye.

Like robertfordlover says, my absolute favourite Veidt scene was completely missing from the film (his history was somewhat touched on), which is Adrian and Jon's final conversation. Namely, the look on Adrian's face in that last panel, it spoke more than any dialogue could have attempted to and was really one of more powerful images of the novel for me.

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