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john watson - weep little lion man
aitakute wrote in 35minutes_ago
This is not to instigate any sort of war and I believe we're all sensible enough to not engage in one anyway. ;) But mod, feel free to delete this if inappropriate. ^^;;

I am wondering, what are your thoughts about the differences between comicverse!Adrian and movieverse!Adrian? Any form of opinions welcomed, on any aspect of the man himself - be it the personality or the demeanour and actions. (Okay not so much the absolute senseless, to keep to the comm guidelines - no omgliekhe'ssohot comments. LOL.)

This came across my mind as, to be truthful, I am introduced to Watchmen via the movie. While watching the movie, I am indifferent to all characters, but upon reading the comic, my heart goes out to Adrian (comicverse). I will say that I do not not like the movieverse!Adrian - it is just that he comes across as a slightly different person - hence, the prompt. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this matter. :)

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After putting way too much thought into the matter, I've boiled down my impressions into what seemed to me like the two main differences between Comicmandias and Moviemandias.

1. In both the comic and the movie, his intelligence isolates him from others; but the movie version seems less secure in that isolation. In the comic it seems like he's long since accepted that he's alone and that people won't be able to relate to him; while Moviemandias seems to make more effort to try and connect with the other characters (e.g. him actually trying to organize the Crimebusters group, unlike in the comic where he was just an observer). In the movie, he seems to actually care whether or not the others forgive him; while in the comic, I get the impression that it doesn't make much difference to him if they hate him.

2. Comic!Veidt seems to show more signs of doubt over the rightness of his actions. When the screens switch on to show the news, he suddenly becomes elated, as if prior to that he wasn't really sure if his plan would work. In his last scene, he asks Jon if he did the right thing. Whereas Moviemandias never seems to doubt that what he did was right; he seems more concerned that the other characters understand him.

So basically, for me the main difference is Comic!Veidt feels more guilty while Movie!Veidt feels more lonely. I guess. It kinda shows in the most important question that he asks Jon. In the comic, it's "I did the right thing, didn't I?" In the movie, it's "You understand, don't you?"

Anyway, that's how I saw it. I've seen a number of people say that the didn't find Veidt sympathetic before the movie; which kind of bugs me since I always found him sympathetic. However, I have to admit that while he spent several months just on the verge of toppling Rorschach as my #1 favorite character, it was Moviemandias who finally pushed him over the edge for me. ^^;;

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